Scope of Digital Marketing in India in 2023

by Sumit Sharma · Updated on August 26, 2021

Are you thinking about what the scope of digital marketing in India looks like?

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You can find the growth, future, nature, job scope, and a lot more and dive into the scope of Digital Marketing in India in 2023.

But before we find out the necessity and scope of digital marketing in India, let’s understand

What is digital marketing?


Why do companies use it?

What Is Digital Marketing?

what is digital marketing
When marketing is done through digital means like search engines, video channels, social media, blogs, applications, and websites, it is known as digital marketing.

It is the fastest-growing form of marketing, owning to its reach, budget-friendliness, and efficiency.

It is passing all marketing platforms and will soon become the main form of marketing.

Digital Marketing applies to the marketing of services or products through digital channels to reach buyers.

Brands used to get promoted before too, but the means and mediums were insufficient.

With the arrival of digital media, the standards and rules are changed.

And rightly so.

Today, as per the stats, nearly 60.02% of the world’s total population uses the Internet.

Just two years before, it was 41%.

One can think of the rate at which people are using the Internet to do almost all things.

Everything has gone digital, from ordering vegetables and food to leasing furniture, booking cabs, and people becoming viral influencers.

A business without a digital appearance is bound to go dead in no time.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in 2023: Social Media and Beyond

More than half of users discover businesses via social media news feeds.

Companies can strike almost 1 million clients via Instagram alone, and more than 9 million companies use Facebook to connect with customers.
active advertisers on facebook


Companies use social media platforms for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) digital marketing campaigns.

B2B: To produce leads, B2B marketers are active on social media programs like Twitter and Linked In. They also rely on PPC campaigns to approach their target public without blowing too much money.

B2C: B2C marketers increase brand awareness and attract customers to their products and websites using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

While publishing ads and other content on Facebook, Instagram, and other public platforms continue to be an effective way to reach your target market, the scope of digital marketing includes much more than just social media.

In addition to social media, savvy companies also employ the following ways to reach new audiences while building their brand recognition:

Paid search: Companies pay Google and other search engine organizations a fee whenever someone types in your keyword, and their ad is displayed at the top of the search results.
paid search on google

Organic search: This process takes more art than PPC since marketers use keyword analysis and other SEO techniques to promote their content to the top of the listing of natural search results on Google and different search engines.
organic search on google

Email marketing campaigns: Accept it or not, if done correctly, email marketing campaigns are still compelling at reaching your target audience, and they’re also very convenient for small businesses.
email marketing campaigns

Content marketing: Publishing helpful guides, articles, tutorials, and additional online content that interests your target public is the basis of content marketing.
content marketing

Webinars: This is an excellent way to contribute value to target consumers while promoting your products and brand.

Podcasts: Gripping audio content is a different way to reach your public and can be combined with other media for more extensive marketing campaigns.

The Scope of Digital Marketing is Extremely Bigger in 2023

Digital marketing trends develop each year as more companies enter the market and new technologies grow.

Looking forward to 2023, here are some significant trends that will help advance the shape of this space.


analytics trend of digital marketing in 2021
Marketers will post a piece of content, for example, and then check to see how powerful it was after a few days or weeks.

It is unquestionably helpful, but real-time analytics is starting to shake up the world of digital marketing.

Conducting real-time analysis enables marketers to personalize content for smaller buyers and reply quickly to their performance.

Social Media Influencers

social media influencers
Advertisers in all industries are connecting with social media influencers to help enhance their brands.

It is an effective digital marketing strategy because buyers trust other buyers more than companies advertising their products and services.

Expect more businesses in 2023 and ahead to use these social media influencers to drive sales.

Also, expect to see fewer celebrities advertising products, as buyers have grown relatively tired of their advertisements.

Instead, the trend is shifting more to influencers who have a more immediate connection to the product.

One excellent example is make-up artist James Charles, who has become a star and has expertise in cosmetics.

Video Remains the King

video remains the king in 2021
Video will continue to be a prime strategy in 2023, as digital marketers benefit from users’ short attention and desire to view rather than read it.

Since 75 % of users in the United States watch online videos each week, this factor will play a meaningful role in connecting customers and companies.

Most social media programs support video sharing and hosting.

One trend to look out for is SEO for videos and images.

Generally, people type keywords relating to a particular image or video, but this can be tiresome.

More and more users realize that they can use present or new photos to search for other, closely related images online.

It significantly extends the scope of digital marketing.

By attaching appropriate keywords to the titles of their videos and images, including alt text, and using other such techniques, advertisers will make it simpler for potential consumers to find them.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) enables digital marketers to analyze user data better to customize the customer journey further.

AI helps businesses understand a great deal about buyers and how to target audiences.

AI also provides users with a more customized experience, giving them personalized support at each stage of the buying process.

Companies can accomplish this customer experience by automating advertisements to the targeted public using programmatic advertising.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

augmented and virtual reality
Companies will continue to use AR and VR in their marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and satisfy customer demand.

Companies like Nivea, Volkswagen, and Starbucks have launched successful VR and AR campaigns to offer consumers an experience that connects them to their brands and products.

Omni-channel Marketing

While current buyers expect every business to have an online presence, using various media to engage your targeted market is ideal.

For example, a product advertised on television should also have an online tie-in optimized for both desktop and mobile users.

The point is that customers may use various media to understand and engage with your product before and after they buy.

If there isn’t a constant handoff among these various programs, it may hurt the experience and end in a lost sale.

Content to Become More Interactive

content to become more interactive
Interactive content is not new, but it’s starting to be included as an effective marketing tool more than ever.

Not only do they improve the amount of time a customer engages with your label, but they allow you to catch more data and, in turn, fine-tune your digital marketing strategy.

From the view of growing the scope of digital marketing, interactive content might include contests (e.g., “to enter do a comment on this post ”), surveys, polls, or even games.

Giving users more chances to associate with your brand also plays into the ultimate goal of more great personalization.

Why Do Companies Use Digital Marketing?

As the scope of digital marketing technologies grows, businesses are staying current by adding online elements to their brick-and-mortar properties or linking several digital marketing strategies to build an internet presence.

Because most consumers use smartphones and examine products online before buying, digital marketing strategies are crucial.

But companies over the globe also apply digital marketing to target their audiences more efficiently online and via mobile devices.

Many are seeing a notable return on investment because of these efforts.

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Ease of Audience Targeting

Companies can target the public based on age, gender, location, interests, and education with digital marketing.

Companies can also retarget possible customers already familiar with their brand using different methods and messages for each individual.

There are advanced internet marketing certifications that can benefit digital marketers determine how to target audiences rightly.

Less Investment, High ROI

The cost per one lead with digital marketing is 61.03 % less costly than conventional marketing.

Many companies use pay-per-click (PPC) plans to keep costs down and target particular audiences.

Companies that advertise on social media use paid search and employ other digital methods to spend considerably less on their campaigns.

Generally conversing, digital marketing campaigns offer both a more significant and faster ROI.

Reaching Mobile Users

More than 14.06 billion smartphones globally are predicted to increase to almost 18.03 billion by 2024.

Because nearly all mobile phones have internet access, it is easier than ever for companies to reach possible customers anyplace, anytime.


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Digital marketing has tremendous scope in India.

It can help businesses grow and tap into possible customers at a fraction of the price.

It also allows students to make productive and technical career choices that pay great and have many opportunities to grow.

Digital marketing will transform the industry, and now is the right time to be a part of this transformation.

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Sumit Sharma

Head of Content @ Indian Tech School. Sumit has 13+ years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. He loves to share his expertise.

Sumit Sharma

Head of Content @ Indian Tech School. Sumit has 13+ years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. He loves to share his expertise.

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