From Photographer To Digital Marketing Executive : Rajat Success Journey

by Bharat Arora · Updated November 26, 2022

Switching careers can be hard, but it’s worth it if you find the right path. Rajat did just that, switching from freelance photographer to digital marketing executive with the help of Indian Tech School’s digital marketing course. In just 4 months, he was able to secure a job with a salary of 4 lakhs per annum. Find out how he did it!

Rajat’s Journey
Rajat had been working as a freelance photographer in Jaipur city for many years. Some of his clients would ask him to do digital marketing projects too. He wanted to learn more about digital marketing so he could have his dream job where photography and digital marketing merge together.

That’s when Rajat reached out to Indian Tech School for help. Indian Tech School offers courses in digital marketing so professionals like Rajat can learn all they need to know about 360° marketing roles at companies of all sizes. Taking their course helped him understand the basics of digital marketing, including SEO, Facebook and Google ad campaigns, Social media marketing, content creation and management, email marketing, etc.

This knowledge made him an attractive candidate for agencies looking for people with skills like his—which is exactly what happened!

The Payoff
After taking Indian Tech School’s course and refining his skill set even further through portfolio-building projects (with help from his mentors), Rajat was hired by an agency as a digital marketing executive! His combined knowledge of photography and digital marketing was instrumental in helping the agency grow.

The best part?

He got placed with a package of 4 LPA—quite an accomplishment, given the competitive nature of the industry!

Rajat is an excellent example that it is possible to change your career if you are determined and have access to the right resources. Indian Tech School was happy to help him make this career change, and he has been successful in his new field.

What Should You Do Now?
If you want to make a career change into digital marketing, consider exploring what Indian Tech School offers today!

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