Unemployed in Jaipur? We’ll Get You a Job in IT.

by Bharat Arora · Updated October 16, 2022

No doubt, the IT sector is the most trending industry right now. If we talk about the IT scenario, Now more than ever, there is a lot of demand for people with web design, web development, and digital marketing skills.

But on the other hand, a recent survey shows that more than 80% of fresh graduates in Rajasthan are unemployed. Engineering students also have the same situation. PATHETIC.

Indian Tech School fills this gap. We train people to make them IT job-ready. And help them find jobs in the digital sector. This is an excellent opportunity for people who have been unemployed for a long time to get back to work.

You can apply for our courses if you’re unemployed and want to start a career in the most demanding IT industry. The course duration is 3 to 5 months; it depends on what course you want to apply for.

What will you get after doing this course?

  • A strong portfolio of major live projects.
  • An industry-approved certificate
  • Guaranteed job placement

These courses are designed by industry experts and have a perfect balance of theory and practice. You need to learn and implement strategies on real-world live projects. 

100% of Indian Tech School students get a job after the course. Our students are working at some of the biggest brands in India.

Check out the links below to find out more information about our most popular courses:

Learn more about Python- Django Web Development Course

Learn more about Front End Development Course

Learn more about Digital Marketing Course

That all sounds great.

But I know you might have some questions if you’re unemployed. 2 questions are the most frequent ones.

Am I eligible to join any IT course or get a job in Jaipur?

And why should I choose Indian Tech School for that course?

Let me go through both of them.


Am I eligible to join any IT course or get a job in Jaipur?

We get asked this question a lot. And our answer? Absolutely! We have trained people from all kinds of backgrounds. You will learn everything from scratch, bringing you to an advanced level. You do not need any previous experience. You need that dedication to complete all live projects on time.


And why should I choose Indian Tech School?

Indian Tech School is an industry leader in offline learning in Jaipur. Important things to consider are:

  • Dual mentorship process: 

We work on a dual mentorship program. Here we assign a mentor and a tutor to every single student. A tutor will help you with your daily training. Whereas Mentor is an expert in this field with years of experience in a specific industry. He will regularly check your progress and review your project assignments.

  • Practical rich industry training:

We will train you exactly what employers want to hire. That is to have practical knowledge of technology. Here in our courses, you will learn everything from scratch and implement it in real-world live projects. Your assigned instructors help you to find the best learner within you.

  • Build your website portfolio

We help you build a portfolio of minor and major projects at every stage of training. You will learn many things and practice these on live projects. You will showcase this project portfolio at the time of job interview. And believe me, once your interviewers start asking about your training projects, This job is yours.

  • Successful, satisfied students:

We are among Jaipur’s top-rated industrial training institutes. 100% of students who completed this training land a job in the IT industry, including some of the top companies in India. You will get where you want to go: working as a Python developer in your dream company.

I am unemployed. And I am interested in joining Indian Tech School. So what’s the next step?

You need to choose the right course for you. You don’t need to worry. We’ll help you choose the best course.

First, get more details about our most demanding courses. Click the below links to check.

Learn more about Python- Django Web Development Course

Learn more about Front End Development Course

Learn more about Digital Marketing Course

Still confused? You can speak with your course counselors. Call on +91-7878552382.


Getting a Web Developer Job is Not That Difficult.

  • Start Training - You will learn website development from beginner to expert level.
  • Get Certification - You will get an industry-approved certificate with hands-on experience on web development projects.
  • Get a Job - You will get a 100% placement in Top IT companies.

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