6 Expert Tips [That Actually Works] to Get a Digital Marketing Job in Various Industries

by Bharat Arora · Updated October 3, 2021

In today’s post, you will learn tips that will help you in securing your dream job in digital marketing.


With the list of industries where you can start your career, it becomes easy for you to choose your industry.

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Tips to Get Your Dream Job in Digital Marketing.

1. Build skills

build skills
To begin a career in digital marketing, introduce yourself with essential skills, especially if you do not have marketing experience.

Get hands-on experience with standard tools used in Internet advertising, social media, SEO, email marketing, etc.

2. Build a Blog

build a blog
For an ambitious digital marketer, it is invariably an excellent plan to have an online presence.

Having an ongoing blog on a topic, you are passionate about can be a great start to show your motive.

You can create your portfolio on blogging platforms such as WordPress or other ready-to-use publishing websites.

3. Get an Internship

get an internship
Internship experiences can improve your chances of getting a job in the field. It will also help you get the hang of the actual appointment.

4. Professional Certifications

professional certifications
These days, it is straightforward to learn courses online and gain credibility through online certifications.

Choose a specialization of your preference and get an appropriate professional certification to enhance your possibilities of getting a job.

5. Network

build a network to get a job
To obtain a job, you must network. Find out contacts who work in similar professions, and reach out to them either personally or digitally.

6. Follow Influencers

follow influencers to stay updated
In this digital marketing field, various bloggers and influencers share crucial industry insights. Follow these influencers and subscribe to successful blogs in your area of interest to discover industry insights.

Industry That are Providing Jobs in Digital Marketing

1. Publishing House

The job opportunities for digital marketing in publishing are challenging and unique at the same time.

You can be hired by some local or national level publishing house as their e-mail marketing expert,  social media manager, SEO professional, an online PR, copywriter, etc.

2. Website Designing Companies

After learning website designing, you can easily get hired by website designing companies.

Nowadays, more and more companies are getting online, and all of them need a website for their business.

3. Local Enterprises

Any city-based firm, be it B2B or B2C, uses different marketing strategies like having a website,  e-mail marketing, social media page, and local advertisement.

Hence, they require a skilled person to handle the various digital marketing responsibilities.

These companies could be Clothing shops, Restaurants, Import & Export houses, Cafes, Salons, Boutiques, etc.

4. Hospitality Industry

When you think of hotels and booking a ticket, you must have heard of Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Trivago, etc. Their marketing strategy is mainly focused on the internet and various online platforms.

Other than this, every hotel has its website and is striving with other competitors to rank itself.

The hospitality industry is the most significant source of digital marketing jobs and needs professionals like SEO, Social Media expert, e-mail marketer, etc.

5. Digital Marketing Agency

This is self-explanatory, in any digital marketing agency, local or national, would need freshers, executives, and experts in all the departments.

6. Media Agency

All have a prominent online presence, be it a local Hindi newspaper, magazine or national and international level media, or digital marketing company.

They undoubtedly provide the best job opportunities in digital marketing because they need skilled professionals to contribute to their set goals.

7. Colleges and Institutes

In fact, all the educational institutes are using digital marketing methods for awareness, branding, and acquiring leads and conversion.

The only reason their target audience is the youth who are tech and internet savvy; the internet is the primary source of information for the youth today.

8. Advertising Company

There is a significant change in advertising; instead of radio, tv, and newspaper ads, companies invest in internet advertising and traditional media. And for that matter, they need professionals who know how to do this efficiently.

Advertisement companies provide job opportunities for social media optimization executives, graphic designers, SEO executives, etc.

9. E-commerce

E-commerce is a notable provider of digital marketing job openings; everyone knows that e-commerce companies cannot exist without the internet.

The whole e-commerce industry is built on the internet and digital marketing practices. Every few months, a new e-commerce business comes into existence, and this calls for skilled professionals.


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