What is the SEO Salary in India and Internationally?

by Sumit Sharma · Updated on October 28, 2021

In this blog, you are going to learn whether SEO is recognized as a career and the average salary you can expect at different levels of hierarchy in the industry.


You will get to know about the average salary of SEO professionals in different cities of the country as well as in different countries around the globe.

What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the science and art of optimizing your website to be explored by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

But why part of Art & part of science?

The science portion of SEO deals with technology and all the technicalities & engineering of a website like code, information architecture & user experience, etc.

While Art is related to the understanding of business, customer behavior and tries to boldly shape it by adjusting the value to them(in the form of a service, product, or solution) and getting deals in return(as leads, sales, or branding).

SEO plays an essential role in sizing up sales and scaling the growth of an online business (such asFlipkart.com) or an offline company (such as KFC).

Is SEO recognized as a career?

Let me present you with some proof that explains SEO is a great career choice.

There are certificates CCNA, MCP, OCJP, and other professional certifications, and for Digital Marketing (SEO is a part of Digital Marketing), there are globally recognized certifications from Google and Microsoft.

That is a clear indication of the demand and future growth of this field.

In fact, marketing spending is slowly shifting from traditional media such as newspapers, TV, billboards, and tele-calling (interruptive channels) to Organic SEO and Social Media.

Factors that Determine Your Salary

  • Work Experience

Work experience is an essential factor while considering SEO salary.

The more work experience you have, the greater the salary package you can ask for.

Employers want candidates that can help the company grow with their value gains.

  •  Expertise 

How good are you in SEO and how much knowledge you have mattered.

Even if you are fresher with no work experience, you can ace it by actively exercising to learn and you need to keep up-to-date with the technical know-how.

Consultants need to keep learning and adapting as a client would essentially hire them for their expertise.

  • Designation

Your designation will also define your salary. There are set industry standards for every appointment.

  • Geographical Location

Although an SEO salary mostly depends on qualification and specification, it also depends on the geographical location of the work. Pay scales would be different from the cost of living.

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore offer India’s highest-paid SEO jobs.

  • Education

When you qualify for digital marketing, information technology, or a related field can really help boost your starting salary.

If you want to dig deep into the world of digital marketing, check out What, Why, Where, and How of Career in Digital Marketing.

SEO Salary in India 2023- Based on Designations

With the enormous demand for digital marketing specialists in India, we have seen a rush in demand for skilled SEO experts. From freshers to directors, the requirement is overall designations.

SEO Fresher / Executive Salary in India

An SEO executive is anybody who has no former experience whatsoever.

SEO Analysts typically mentor SEO executives.

They are taught about the tools and various techniques of SEO.

The average salary for an SEO executive/fresher is about 1.4 lakhs per annum.

 SEO Analyst Salary in India

An SEO executive performs all the tasks associated with SEO in an organization.

He usually is the one to examine trends and recognize trending keywords.

They work on building quality content and optimization of the website.

The average salary for an SEO analyst is 232,386 per annum.

SEO Specialist Salary in India

An SEO strategist is accountable for strategizing, ideating, and analyzing SEO campaigns.

They jointly work with the analyst and the executive to get campaigns moving.

An SEO strategist’s average pay is around 266,000 per annum.

SEO Manager Salary in India

An SEO manager manages and supervises the day-to-day workings of the team.

They manage the team’s daily tasks according to other groups such as social media and the company’s management.

The standard basic salary for an SEO manager is 5,22,232 per annum.

SEO Director Salary in India

SEO directors are basically the heads of the department.

They set objectives and goals for the complete department, keeping in mind the company’s growth.

An SEO director also works with other team members for inter-department projects.

The average wage of an SEO director is about 7,00,000-18,00,000 per annum.

SEO Consultant Salary in India

An SEO consultant is a third-party adviser who plans, implements, and executes all SEO campaigns from scratch for their respective clients.

They could work individually or have a team operating with their clients.

They are like advisors to the organization for all their SEO needs and services.

The SEO salary depends on expertise, projects and clients managed in the past, and years of experience.

An SEO consultant with 1-4 years of expertise can easily expect a salary of about INR 2,40,000 per month.

SEO Salary – Based on Indian Location

The salary for SEO professionals varies with the location. It mainly depends on the cost of living, which depends on the geographical location. Here’s a look at the SEO salaries based on places in India –

SEO Salary in Ahmadabad

The basic salary of an SEO fresher in Ahmadabad can expect easily around 15,000. It grows with the working experience in the industry.

SEO Salary in Banglore

The basic salary of an SEO fresher in Bangalore can expect easily be around 20,000. It grows with the working experience in the industry.

SEO Salary in Delhi

The basic salary of an SEO fresher in Delhi can expect easily be around 17,000. It grows with the working experience in the industry.

SEO Salary in Mumbai

The basic salary of an SEO fresher in Mumbai can expect easily be around 17,000. It grows with the working experience in the industry.

SEO Salary in Pune

The basic salary of an SEO fresher in Pune can expect easily be around 16,500. It grows with the working experience in the industry.

SEO Salary – Based on International Locations

SEO Salary in the USA

SEO Salary in the UK

SEO Salary in Canada

SEO Salary in Dubai, UAE

Why Should You Choose SEO?

  • Huge Demand for SEO Services: The value of digital marketing is expanding every year. While more and more companies want to be active on digital media, SEO is inevitable.
  • You can work from any place. You can make this your part-time/full-time/freelancing job.
  • The chances for SEO in India are increasing each year. SEO wages in India are increasing with demand and experience.
  • If risk-taking is your cup of tea, you can easily start your company without any need for a huge investment.
  • It doesn’t require any particular degree. You can easily join a good digital marketing course after your graduation and work in SEO.
  • Last but exciting one, SEO is a very fast pace industry. You always learn something new and exciting. There won’t be any boring day in your career.

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Sumit Sharma

Head of Content @ Indian Tech School. Sumit has 13+ years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. He loves to share his expertise.

Sumit Sharma

Head of Content @ Indian Tech School. Sumit has 13+ years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. He loves to share his expertise.

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