What is The Future Scope of SEO in India & Globally?

by Bharat Arora · Updated October 22, 2021

In this blog, you are going to understand the future scope of SEO in India as well as globally.

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You will also get the answers for qualifications required to pursue your career in SEO, why should you choose SEO as your career? & how can you become a modern SEO expert?

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What is SEO?

SEO, abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the digital marketing activities that help you properly optimize and rank your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and help users find your website quickly.

The ‘Optimization’ can take several forms, such as your on-site content and web page optimization or your website backlink optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) aims to rank better websites, drive quality traffic, and help build brand visibility in the online world.

Let’s Dive into the scope…

Scope of SEO in India

The future of SEO is Secure in India. SEO is going to be a mainstream career choice till people utilize search engines to look.

Recent research says that SEO is significant for producing drives; it will stay a substantial advertising channel for acquiring new clients.

According to the survey, more businesses will put their promoting financial plan in SEO.

It will generate more concern for SEO experts in India.

Various alumni and website professionals are learning SEO to boost their profession in light of the developing demand for SEO professionals.

Really, it might turn out to be more challenging for new people to enter an SEO profession with limited abilities.

In case if you are thinking of starting your career in SEO.

It’s an excellent opportunity to make a choice and act immediately.

Always keep in mind that SEO continues to change.

It would be best to continue refreshing your insight about SEO, Marketing, Algorithm changes, etc.

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Scope of SEO in International Market

The international market is now going fast with a thriving economy, and most countries have a bright future in terms of employment creation and business growth.

Corporations now understand the potential of SEOs for their business and how these professionals can play a significant role in decision-making.

Many people argue that the SEO field is dying because Google has a love affair with PPC or paid marketing, but that’s not the scene.

In fact, they work in collaboration. According to the LinkedIn report, SEO/SEM was the hottest skill that got people hired in 2019-2020 worldwide.

Scope of SEO as a Freelancer

Back in April 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic started claiming jobs, most SEO professionals noticed that their job might be eliminated in the next few days.

After searching for a new job and attending various interviews, people started on that Full-time SEO freelancing was a real option in this pandemic.

Qualification and Skills Required

The minimum requirement to pursue a career in SEO at a good company requires graduation or a diploma certificate in digital marketing.

However, to work in SEO, you don’t require a degree or higher education in most cases because it needs a diverse skill set and cannot be defined by the usual exams.

SEO is growing and demands a lot of trades to keep career growth.

Here are only a few essential skills:

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Basic understanding of how search engines such as Google work
  • A well-written communication skill (such as writing emails, blog comments, website blogs, etc.)
  • Profound knowledge of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Basic knowledge of photo and video editing
  • Good analytical and logical skills
  • Basic understanding of creating presentations and reports
  • Fundamental understanding of user experience and customer behavior in the online world

Job Opportunities in SEO in India

Around 2265+ job opportunities are available in India that too only in SEO. This data is from LinkedIn.

If we review other job portals, we can easily see even more job opportunities in SEO.

Demand for SEO jobs will grow as new companies are getting online in India. Not every business in India is online now.

Due to Covid-19, many businesses migrated online.

You can easily see the enhanced demand for digital marketing and SEO services in India currently.

Now, these companies want organic search engine visibility. That can only be done by SEO.

Why should you choose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a career?

  • Today, we all know that many companies are growing online, and apparently, everyone desires to get their site listed on the 1st page. So studying SEO can help you get a job instantly.
  • When you enhance your skills in SEO, you can secure a job everywhere in the country.
  • Obtain the highest pay.
  • There are chances you can become experts like Neil Patel and Dharmesh Shah, who excel in SEO.
  • There is a wide range of job opportunities in the market.
  • You can be the future of the marketing industry.

Hence, SEO is not only a career; it is a blend of diverse skills that search experts use to get a site on the first page of search engines like Google or Bing.

How to Become a “Modern SEO” Expert?

In the future, doing ‘Good’ SEO will not be sufficient.

It would help if you adjusted to the growing search engine technologies, business processes, customer behavior, and purposes.

The foundation of Google’s Hummingbird update has made a meaningful industry-shifting difference in the SEO world.

The newest updates such as Mobilegeddon, Panda, and Penguin have also made SEOs keep the quality and sincerity in everything they do online for their website.

The duties of a ‘Modern SEO’ are not restricted to keyword research, link building, site accessibility, but it’s more than what you can think of as the traditional SEO. It includes (directly/indirectly):

  • Local search
  • User experience testing
  • Social media
  • Secured sites (HTTPS)
  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Mobile search
  • Technical SEO
  • Voice search
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Knowledge graph, answer box, and entity search.

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