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Why You Must Join Our Practical Rich Flutter App Development Course in Jaipur?

Our Flutter App Developers create high-quality content for our Flutter Development Course in Jaipur. Our team of mentors has been now training students for many years.

We aim to teach Flutter app development and all our courses exactly how experts use flutter in the professional environment.

It will take three months to complete this flutter training.

All our mentors have excellent communication skills, and the way they teach you stuff is unique.

They explain every topic practically, which makes learning more simple.

Mentors at Indian Tech School have years of experience in their fields.

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Android App Development Course In Jaipur

Anybody Can Pursue Our Flutter Training Course in Jaipur

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Students – We provide training on native mobile app development to our students to quickly learn all the course content.

Entrepreneurs – Once you complete our flutter app training, you can quickly build your application for your business which will help you boost your business.

Jobseeker – After completing the android training in Jaipur, it becomes easier for you to get a job as we provide placements in top IT firms.

Freelancer – It has become more effortless to make money for freelancers as they can easily make money after flutter app development training from our tech school.

You can quickly learn Flutter development. Even if you don’t have any prior knowledge, you can now step into Google. We have designed this course for beginners.

Skills You Will Gain

Vital Sense of the UX/UI Cross Platform App Technology Tackling Databases and APIs Documentations Skills Firebase Material Design Guidelines Implementation with Native Apps Performing Unit Testing Android Studio / XCode Platform Teamwork

Flutter App Development Course Syllabus


Let's Take a Peek Inside Flutter Training Full Course

Take a look at our course content which has been designed by our experts of Indian Tech School. They all have 10+ years of experience in the field of Mobile App Development.

3 months to complete


Students should have technical background to join this course.

MODULE 1: Introduction to Flutter and Dart Programming Language

  • Importance of Flutter
  • Install Dart SDK
  • How to write code in Dart
  • IntelliJ IDEA

MODULE 2: Dart Programming - Syntax

  • main() Function
  • Dart Data Types
  • Dart Variables
  • Comments
  • Conditional Operators
  • If, Else If, Else conditions
  • Logical Operators
  • Looping
  • Switch-Break statement

MODULE 3: Dart Functions & Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Function Structure
  • Function Syntax
  • Function Return
  • Functions and Variable Scope
  • OOPs - Object, Class
  • Adding Methods to classes
  • Class Constructors
  • Class- Getters and Setters
  • Inheritance in Class
  • Abstract Class
  • Dart Project Structure
  • Dart Libraries

MODULE 4: Introduction to Flutter

  • Flutter Understanding
  • Flutter Framework
  • Installing Android Studio
  • Flutter SDK
  • Installing and Configuring Flutter SDK
  • Creating and Running Flutter Project
  • Installing Flutter on Mac
  • Test Flutter App on iOS Phone
  • Android Studio Sugar and Spice
  • Run Flutter App on Android Phone
  • Run Flutter App on iPhone Device
  • Emulator Debug Mode
  • Flutter Widgets
  • Creating Flutter App with Widgets
  • MaterialApp Widget

MODULE 5: Flutter Widgets Fundamentals

  • Scaffold Widget
  • Container Widget
  • Image Widget
  • Column and Row Widgets
  • Icon Widget
  • Layouts in Flutter
  • Card Widget
  • App Icons for iOS and Android Apps
  • Hot Reload and Hot Restart
  • Stateful and Stateless Widgets
  • Use a Custom Font
  • Button Widget

MODULE 6: Navigation and Routing

  • App Structure and Navigation
  • Navigate to a New Screen and Back
  • Navigate with Named Routes
  • Send and Return Data Among Screens
  • Animate a Widget Across Screens
  • WebView Widget in Flutter

MODULE 7: Material Design Guidelines - Part 1

  • Introduction to Material Design
  • BottomNavigatorBar Widget
  • DefaultTabController, TabBar, and TabBarView Widgets

  • ListTile Widget
  • ListView Widget
  • Drawer Widget
  • DataTable Widget
  • SelectableText Widget
  • Stack Widget
  • Lab A: Creating a Flutter App using BottomNavigatorBar Navigation Technique
  • Lab B: Using DataTable Sorting Built-in function

MODULE 8: Material Design Guidelines - Part 2

  • Input and Selections
  • Text Field Widget
  • CheckboxGroup and RadioButtonGroup Widgets
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Slider Widget
  • Switch Widget
  • Dialogs, Alerts, and Panels
  • Alert Dialog Widget
  • Cupertino Alert Dialog Widget
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Modal Bottom Sheet
  • Persistent Bottom Sheet
  • Expansion Panel Widget
  • Snack Bar Widget

MODULE 9: Firebase

  • Introduction to Firebase
  • What is the JSON ?
  • How does Firebase Database work?
  • Firebase authentication (Signup and Login to Flutter App)
  • Configure Your App to use Firebase Services
  • Configuring Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Database
  • Real Time Database
  • Cloud Firestore

MODULE 10: Location-Aware Apps: Using GPS and Google Maps

  • What is GPS and how does it work?
  • The Camera Position
  • Adding Google Maps to a Flutter app
  • Getting a Google API key
  • Adding Google Maps Flutter plug-in as a dependency
  • Adding your API key for your Android app
  • Adding your API key for your iOS app
  • Adding a Google Map on Your Flutter App Screen
  • Adding a Google Map Marker
  • Google Map Types
  • Moving the Camera (Camera Animation)
  • Capturing an App User’s Location for iOS and Android Apps

MODULE 11: App Testing & Publishing

  • Testing and Feedback for Your App
  • Setting up a Test Environment
  • Usability Testing by Participants
  • Starting your Test Session
  • Analyzing your Test
  • Publishing Flutter Apps
  • Publishing Android App on Google Play Store
  • Publishing iOS app on Apple Store

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    Bharat Arora Web Development Mentor Indian Tech School

    Lead Instructor of This Flutter App Development Course

    Bharat Arora is the lead instructor of the Mobile app development team. He has extensive working experience in both Native and Hybrid Programming.

    Bharat is a regular trainer on topics such as Object-Oriented Programming concepts, installation of android studio, how to use android studio for android app development, all the fundamentals of Java and Kotlin (variable, arrays, arrays and maps, if-else statements, loops, etc.), Main design principles for designing the layouts and views of app screens, Animation, Coding conventions for writing well-designed and standard code, Multi-threading with java, Processing JSON Data, Collections Framework, Generics, interaction with Databases for local and global storage, APIs integration, How to build the logic and how to implement them in the App programming, How to debug an issue in the code and how to fix that quickly.

    He is a specialist in OOPs, Firebase, SQLite, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, MySQLi, JSON, and other essential programming fundamentals.

    Currently, He is mentoring aspiring Flutter app developers at Indian Tech School.

    He will teach the practical implementation and techniques he learned in his 12+ years of experience along the way that can help you boost your career in the Mobile app development industry.

    He has trained hundreds of students to support them with their career goals.

    Do you want to gain 12+ years of experience in just 3 months to take your programming skills to another level?

    Why Are Flutter Training Certificates Valuable?

    Getting certified shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of the flutter language. You can also add the qualification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

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    The Most Common Questions of This Flutter Training

    Note: If you seriously want to join this Flutter development course in Jaipur. You should go through every single question here. It will surely answer every doubt you have in your mind.

    What is Flutter?

    Flutter is Google’s open-source app development platform.

    You can develop cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Web platform, and Google Fuchsia.

    Flutter was first described in 2015, and it was later released in May 2017.

    It works with existing codes and is used by organizations and developers around the world.

    Who is Flutter for?

    For users, Flutter makes gorgeous applications bring to life.

    For programmers, Flutter reduces the bar to access for creating applications.

    It rushes application development and decreases the expense and complexity of app production across different platforms.

    Many companies expressed Flutter as one of the most critical design ideas of the decade for its capacity to turn ideas into production code without the settlements assessed by standard frameworks. For designers, Flutter delivers a canvas for high-end user experiences. It also acts as an effective prototyping tool, with CodePen assisting in conveying your ideas to others.

    Flutter permits the unification of app developers into a single mobile, web, and desktop application team for engineering leaders and companies, building branded applications for various platforms out of a single codebase.

    Flutter increases feature development speed and synchronize release schedules across the entire customer base.

    How much experience in development do I need to work on Flutter?

    Flutter is accessible to programmers acquainted with object-oriented and crucial programming concepts.

    We have seen developers with very little programming experience understand and operate Flutter for native mobile application development.

    What kinds of applications can I create with Flutter?

    Flutter is developed to assist mobile applications to run on iOS and Android and all the interactive applications you want to use.

    Applications that require highly branded designs are incredibly well suited for Flutter. However, you can also build pixel-perfect experiences that match the iOS and Android design languages with Flutter.

    Flutter’s ecosystem assists different hardware such as GPS, camera, storage, and network and services such as cloud storage, payments, ads, and authentication.

    What makes Flutter a unique platform to work on by developers?

    Flutter is separate from most other options for creating mobile applications because it doesn’t depend on the technology of the web browser or the group of widgets that ship with every device. Instead, Flutter uses its rendering engine, which is high-performance, to draw widgets.

    Does Flutter have a future in India?

    Whether Flutter will take the place of native applications stays a question. While we wait for this explanation, it is secure that Flutter app development has a promising future. Even if it does not replace native app development, it has been established that it is the best UI design framework known at this point.

    We think that Flutter will become the choice of all the developers or programmers in the future for mobile app development.

    And to become a part of this glorious future of Flutter, you have to start early and join a Flutter Development Course in Jaipur.

    Flutter is among the top mobile app technologies to learn in 2023.

    According to Statista, Flutter is the most famous cross-platform mobile app framework used by developers globally. Based on a study, 42 percent of app developers work on Flutter. Overall, approximately one-third of mobile app developers work on cross-platform frameworks. And the rest of the 58 percent of the programmers still use native tools.
    Flutter is the most famous framework

    Image Source: Statista

    Who uses Flutter?

    Developers outside and inside Google use Flutter to build gorgeous natively-compiled applications for Android and iOS. To understand some of these applications, visit Flutter’s showcase of apps.

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