Top 11 Career Options After Engineering in Jaipur

by Bharat Arora · Updated March 21, 2022

Have you done your engineering?

And Want to know “What to do after BTech?”.

To help you find the best option after engineering in Jaipur, here I have curated a list of opportunities you need to grab after BTech.

It doesn’t matter which field of engineering you graduate from.

This list is for you.

You can choose any option from the list.

What to do after Engineering in Jaipur (Top 11 Career Options)

  1. Go for Higher Studies. Start Doing M.Tech
  2. Enter the Private Sector
  3. Look for Industry Internships
  4. Start Your Career in Digital Marketing
  5. Get Web Development Certification
  6. Grab the Most Demanding Skill. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  7. Prepare for MBA Entrance Exam
  8. Prepare for The Civil Services Exam
  9. Become an Entrepreneur. Start Your Own Business
  10. Join Indian Armed Forces
  11. Enter into Data Science Field


Let’s dive in one by one.

1. Go For Higher Studies. Start Doing M.Tech

Looking for Top 11 career options after engineering in Jaipur?

The first one on the list is to go for higher studies after your engineering.

It’s the most common career option available after engineering.

A B.Tech student, after his/her B.Tech can go for M.Tech in higher studies.

M.Tech is the most chosen career option after engineering.

To get more specialized and gain more knowledge & expertise; students go for after engineering.

To pursue M.Tech as a career after engineering, there are several entrance exams conducted such as GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), JAM to get admission in the top colleges for a master’s degree.

It is considered one of the best career options after engineering.

Higher studies are very beneficial for a professional career after engineering.

You should go for it.

2. Enter The Private Sector

One of the career options after engineering is to enter into the private sector.

There are various job opportunities available for skilled engineers in the private sector.

New jobs also rising and emerging, as there are various MNCs and Indian companies that are setting up their bases.

Many students opt for the private sector after their engineering.

Choosing a career in the private sector is a great option.

You can get a job in the private sector through campus placements, through offline placements and there are many job portals available where you can get many job profiles according to your interest.

To get a job in the private sector, you should be skilled, should have a strong resume or profile and of course a proper knowledge of your domain.

Make your profile strong with certifications, internships, and your projects.

It will be an extra advantage for you to easily enter into the private sector.

3. Look for Industry Internships

One of the popular career options after engineering is an internship. Internship nowadays is a trending option for a career.

Rather than directly jumping onto the full-time job after engineering and getting rejections on the basis of your knowledge, skills, experience, or whatever the reason, look for internships instead.

Internships are the best way to get exposure in a professional career.

Internships help you to get work exposure, make you familiar with the corporate environment or real work culture, and most importantly give you practical work experience.

During the internship period, you become a great problem solver, multitasker, and majorly it gives you the confidence to work in a real work environment.

Generally, it becomes difficult to get a full-time job just after your graduation because companies nowadays look for practical experience rather than just theoretical knowledge, and internships will provide you with the practical experience that companies are looking for.

Same as a job, it’s easy to find internships also on various portals that are available for internship seekers.

4. Start Your Career in Digital Marketing (For Those Who Just Hate Coding)

Many B.Tech graduates go for Digital Marketing as their career.

Digital Marketing has a very wide scope and opportunities, not only in Jaipur but across the world.

Nowadays every business is going digital, so demand is also increasing.

Digital marketing can give you immense career growth and opportunities.

It’s a rising industry now and as well in the future.

If you have practical knowledge, experience, and relevant skills you can make a good career in the field of digital marketing.

To pursue a career in digital marketing, you can go for some practical-based certification courses that will help you to get into this field with good job opportunities.

Some of the most demanding job roles in digital marketing, are an expert digital marketer, SEO expert, social media manager, and more.


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5. Get Web development Certification and get an assured job in the IT industry

If you just need a job very quickly.

It is one of the best options.

Web Development is one of the career options that are available after your engineering.

It also has great career options, as mentioned above everything is going online, available on the internet, so the users also increasing with a rapid speed, whether it’s a website, social media, or mobile application.

Web development provides career options in front-end development, back and development, and full-stack development (including both front-end and back-end).

To make a career in web development, you can go for a practical-based training program, or some internships in the beginning, because companies are looking for practical-based experience nowadays.

Having practical training experience with a certificate will be an advantage in the web development career option.

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6. Join an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Course (MOST DEMANDING IN TECH INDUSTRY)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the top most demanding in the tech industry. Job opportunities in this industry pay quite well.

As these come under highly demanding sector.

It provides career options as Machine Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist.

You can go for a professional practical-based course with certification.

These are the advance and modern technologies that many big companies are using.

7. Prepare for MBA Entrance Exam

A lot of students after engineering choose for business and management to study.

MBA is the most preferred and demanding course after engineering.

As it is a management degree, there is a vast number of companies offering managerial roles, or looking for MBA graduates.

MBA offers various specializations like HR, Finance, Business Analytics, etc. MBA is a professional course, so to enter into this course you

Have to score in CAT, that’s an entrance exam for top MBA institutes.

And there are other entrance exams also conducted especially to study business and management.

8. Prepare For The Civil Services Exam

One more on the list, to take the civil services entrance exam, it is also a popular option for a career after engineering, one who wants to serve the nation and have the desire to do government job, this is the best option for them.

If you want to enter into civil services, you have to crack the civil services entrance examination, which is considered one of the most difficult examinations in the world.

Opting for civil services provides you options and makes you eligible for government services including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS Indian Police Service (IPS) on the basis of your entrance exam score.

To prepare for the entrance exam, you have to start preparing months before the examination, because it’s a very difficult and competitive exam, lakhs of students appear for this exam and few thousand clear exams and get selected.

9. Become an Entrepreneur. Start Your Own Business

Many students desire to start their own businesses and want to be entrepreneurs.

It is considered as a tending option as a career after engineering.

Entrepreneurship is something that has both a lot of advantages and disadvantages, and it comes with unique challenges and difficulties.

But besides knowing all these engineers opt for starting their own business or ventures, because who doesn’t want to be your own boss…right!!

To start a business, first, think of a unique idea for it.

Then research on its demand, pros, and cons.

To get more knowledge about it you can attend start-up meets and various sessions on entrepreneurship.

10. Join Indian Armed Forces

If you want to serve the nation, and looking for career options after engineering, you can join the Indian armed forces.

Indian armed forces have three options that are the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy.

To enter into Indian armed forces, you have to appear for some entry schemes and tests, like TGC (Technical Graduate Course), SSC.

There are various opportunities available for you in the Indian armed forces after your engineering.

11. Enter into Data Science Field

Data science is a great career option after engineering.

Data Science is the most popular technology across the world.

The demand for data science is very huge and there are various job opportunities available in data science.

So as a B.Tech graduate you should aim for Data science as a career option.

What Should You Do Now?

As you have seen there are many career opportunities after doing BTech in Jaipur.

Only you need to decide, which sector you need to start. Government or Private.

The above list is enough to solve your query “what to do after engineering in Jaipur?”.

Our Recommendations, if you choose the private sector to start a career.

You need to upgrade your skills after engineering.

As the IT industry is the most demanding and high-paying field, it’s easy to get a job.

I recommend you to choose some most demanding courses in the IT industries in Jaipur.

The most demanding IT courses to opt after Engineering are –

Python Language Course
Full Stack Web Development Course
ML and AI Course
Digital Marketing Course

You need to pay some money as a fee.

But is worth investing to start a career after engineering in Jaipur.

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